Has Your Home Suffered Water Damage?

If your house has suffered a water or flood damage, you must take immediate action to address the problem as soon as possible. The more you wait, the more damage it can inflict on the structure and foundation of your property. Starting water damage repair just in time can help avoid loss of furniture and other valuable items.

Causes of Water Damage

There are many possible causes of flood damage. Leaky washing machines, dishwashers, clogged toilets, burst pipes, leaky roofs, storm damage, plumbing leaks, foundation cracks and flash floods are just some possible causes of flood damage in your property. Heavy snowfall can also cause flooding as the snow penetrates through vents and melts into the water due to the heating system. Too much water can lead to the destruction of property. This is why it is necessary to water damage restoration as soon as possible.

The severity of water damage also depends on several other factors like the type of water and the amount. You can find more detail about water damages in our article titled ‘ Water Damage Restoration ’.

Dangers of Water Damage

Water cannot only damage your property, but it can also pose health risks for you and your family. If a property affected by water is left untreated for more than 24 hours, it can become an attraction for different types of microorganisms such as fungi and mould. These microorganisms can affect your health in many ways. Common risks are respiratory problems, burning eyes and digestive problems. This is why water damage repair should be carried out by a professional with adequate knowledge of the health risks.

What To Do After Flood Damage?

i. Avoid Additional Damage

If the flood is not stopping you from walking around or leaving your home, you should check for any potential damages that can occur. Check for any visible signs of structural damage. Keep a working flashlight and turn off all the water supply lines and electrical sources if it is safe enough.

ii. Document The Damage

It may sound strange, but in the event of a flood, you should pull out your smartphone or camera to capture the flood damage. Make sure to start documenting before you remove any water or make any repairs. You can take pictures and also make record video for insurance purposes. This is important because lacking evidence of the damages can potentially decrease your insurance coverage.

iii. Protect Yourself

Flood water can be contaminated by sewage or chemicals present in the home. Wear waterproof boots, gloves and put on a mask to protect yourself from any harmful substance. Throw out any food that comes in contact with the flood water. Also get rid of any household chemical containers that you suspect might leaking.

iv. Call Your Insurer And Restoration

Call your insurer as soon as possible. It is best to keep your insurance company’s number on your phone. Inform your insurance representative about the condition of your home and any repairs you want to do immediately. Do not make any repairs if the insurance company directs you to wait for the lost adjuster to come and inspect the property.

v. Call Water Damage Company

Once you get a green signal from the lost adjuster and insurance company, you can call your water damage company to remove the water and dehumidify the property. Rainbow International has over 70 branches spread across the UK, and our flood restoration team can get on site within a few hours to provide emergency services.

Rainbow International Are Water Damage Repair Specialist

When you experience water or flood damage, you need the most qualified company to put things back to normal as fast as possible and with minimal disruption to your home or business activities. Rainbow Internationa is the perfect choice when it comes to Water Damage Restoration.

At Rainbow International, we have cutting-edge equipment which will provide the fastest and efficient means of drying your home. Our professional staff uses specific methods and techniques to detect the presence of moisture behind walls and areas where you can not see.

Once the water is extracted from your home, we run a final testing to make sure there is no moisture sitting in and that the property is thoroughly dried out. We also ensure that there are no potential risks of mould growth or other organisms. Our specialists have years of experience in water damage repair and restoration work. We Keep training our staff and teams on the best industry practice and use of modern equipment.

Benefits with Rainbow International

When your house faces water damage, Rainbow International can reach you in time to provide exceptional services. Here are some reasons why you would choose Rainbow International for all your water damage repair needs.

  • 24-hour response helpline
  • Onsite within few hours
  • Water extraction
  • Complete dehumidification
  • Walls, carpets drying
  • Structural Drying
  • Drying of Upholstery and wooden furniture
  • Sewage cleanups
  • Flood debris removal
  • Bacteria Sanitisation

Is There More Water In Your House Than You Can Handle?

Call The Rainbow International Water Damage Restoration Specialists on 01375 888134 or use our online query form to get in touch with us.

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