Cleaning factories, plants and other manufacturing sites is a difficult job which cannot be performed by the regular cleaning staff. Only specialist industrial cleaners can tackle such sophisticated work with their experience and expertise. Rainbow International can provide the perfect solution for all your industrial cleaning needs.

Rainbow International is a nationwide network of cleaning and restoration service providers. Our network comprises of over 70 branches spread across the UK providing specialist cleaning services to thousands of residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Our Approach to Industrial Cleaning Services

We strive for excellence in every area of our service, and same goes for our industrial cleaning services. This approach keeps us focused on every aspect of our job and various levels of details. Our specialist industrial cleaners are highly professional and have extensive knowledge about what they do. We use our technology and skills to help industries provide a pleasing, clean and hygienic environment to their workforce. Every cleaning project is carried out by qualified managers who’s goals are to complete the project within time and with minimum disruption and downtime.

Our Range of Industrial Cleaning Services

High-Level Access Cleaning

Factories and warehouse cleaning require high-level access cleaning because of the height of building and structures. Such ‘difficult to reach’ places need a skilful workforce and specialised equipment to perform the task safely and efficiently. We have in-house industrial cleaning contractors who specialise in operating MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) and are supplied with the latest high access equipment for the job.

High-Level Access Cleaning

While is it a challenging task, but Rainbow International has the expertise to provide solutions for the most demanding industrial cleaning needs. Whether it is an abseiling for training or to perform maintenance work, we have the machinery and workforce to complete any high-level access work.

Bio-Hazard Removal

We have tailored Biohazard removal and cleaning services to address unique industrial requirements where there is a high risk of air, water or soil contamination due to accident or production procedure. We also perform complete cleaning and decontamination of sites where industrial waste and by-product is expelled. We clean up areas where access to the ordinary individual is prohibited due to the hazardous environment. Our cleaning specialists are trained and equipped with high-quality protective gear and equipment to deal with such conditions.

Fire Restoration

We understand that industrial sites where heavy machinery is at work are at higher risks of fire damage. The building structures and materials are different and large scale in comparison to SME or residential structures. Thus, a different approach is required to restore things back to their pre-incidental condition. Rainbow International has built a strong reputation in the restoration industry when it comes to fire and smoke remediation. Moreover, factories that use fossil fuels to power their assembly lines generate a lot of smoke and soot which deteriorates the structure over time. We ensure all residues of smoke are removed from walls, ceilings and every structure that has been exposed to heat.

Ventilation and Duct Cleaning

We work with the UK’s biggest companies to maintain high standard air filtration systems on their factory sites as well as in their office premises. We know that requirements relating to a commercial building’s air quality are tightly regulated. We have calibrated our process to ensure every check if made under the health and hygiene guidelines provided by industrial law. We also understand that these regulations may change every year. Our teams are flexible and stay updated on every change in this domain.

Window Cleaning

Modern commercial buildings use a lot of glass, and it looks great until it gets covered in dust. Rainbow International provides rope access cleaning solutions for limited height structures. No job is too big or too small. We can help you improve the look of your facility by cleaning the hard-to-reach windows.

Exterior Building Cleaning

Building exteriors also require specialist cleaning services to maintain cleanliness. A comprehensive cleaning job performed periodically can ensure your building exteriors look at its best. We clean cladding, masonry and concrete structures using high-pressure water cleaners. We also wash building facades, external walls of factories, stone walls, floors and patios.

Deep Cleaning and Sanitisation

Rainbow International provides many specialists cleaning services to the likes of factories, hospitals, restaurants, laboratories and government buildings. We have years of experience in deep cleaning jobs with both small and large scale industries. We understand that every industry has it’s own cleaning requirements and that a ‘one shoe fits all’ strategy cannot be applied here. We provide bespoke cleaning solutions to clients according to their individual needs.

Warehouse Cleaning

Cleaning a warehouse is very different than cleaning an office space. With frequent traffic of forklifts moving around all day to transport goods, maintaining a warehouse becomes an ongoing task. Storage facilities such as godowns and warehouses can get inhabited by the toxic mould which posses a great threat to the health of people working in it. Moreover, dirty pathways and floor may obstruct everyday work like moving objects around. Our specialist industrial cleaners have ample training and expertise in warehouse cleaning with minimum disruption to the work environment.

Industrial Cleaning Services with Rainbow International

Rainbow International holds a comprehensive list of specialist cleaning services for various types of industries ranging from manufacturing plants to factory buildings. Our portfolio includes clients from different industries who have formed a long-term relationship with us. This is because our specialist industrial cleaners are trained to meet the highest standards followed by most industrial cleaning companies. But unlike many industrial cleaning contractors, our services save more time and cost for our clients while keeping the quality intact.

If you are a company looking for specialist industrial cleaning services, look no further than Rainbow International. Our highly professional staff can provide you with any information you may need regarding our cleaning services. Call us now on 01375 887240 or drop us your queries on our online contact form.

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