6 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Specialist Crime Scene Cleaner

Doing It Yourself Is Not Wise

Trauma scenes, crime incidents, blood spillage, and drug labs require a certified trauma and crime scene cleaner to deal with the cleaning and restoration of the site of the incident. This is necessary because of many reasons. Here we discuss five reasons why you should call a crime scene cleaner in this situation.

  • Mental Stress and Trauma

One of the reasons why you should not let yourself do the job is that it causes mental stress. Usually after the investigation work, victim’s loved ones are left with the area to clean up. Cleaning up the blood of a loved one can be very traumatic and unpleasant experience. Blood stains and smell remind the family members of the incident,  making the cleaning work more stressful. Moreover, there are other arrangements the relatives may need to do such as funeral and last ceremonies. By having a professional crime scene cleaner do the job, the additional stress can be avoided, and you can focus on what is more important.

  • It is Dangerous

Biological substances pose a threat to your body as they carry a significant health risk including tissue damage, viral infection or allergies. Trying to clean such a place can be hazardous to your health. Bio-Hazardous substances can damage your body tissue, infect or cause extreme irritation. Blood-borne pathogens can cause some diseases including fatal ones. Moreover, in the process of cleaning the blood and tissue, there is a chance that you may unintentionally spread the contaminants instead of eliminating them. Therefore, you should call a professional crime scene cleaner to do the job.

  • It Needs A Specialist

Bio-chemicals can leave lingering stains behind if not cleaned by proper cleaning chemicals, tools and techniques. Even if you clean the area twice, there will be some traces of it left. To ensure a biohazard-free home, you should hire a bio-hazard cleaning company. Crime and trauma cleanup companies have specialised equipment and expertise in cleaning blood, tissue and other biological substances with extreme precision. Their process is also non-invasive to the environment, so you have a peace of mind that your home will be safer.

  • Saves Time and Effort
    Blood cleanup may seem easy like routine cleaning, but it is much more difficult due to the effort that is involved. Considering the above factors that may make you want to delegate the task to a professional, trauma scene cleaning can take several hours to complete. You would probably want to save your time so you can attend other family and legal matters related to the incident. Hiring a specialist crime scene cleaner can save you a lot of time that you would not be able to save otherwise.
  • Protect Your Property’s Value
    If a crime or trauma scene occurs within the boundary of your property, it may impact the value of the property. This effect is due to damages inflicted by body fluids and other bio-hazard substances. Blood spills can also have very negative impact on your property if not efficiently cleaned. Crime scene cleaners are highly skilled, experienced and certified to provide complete restoration of the affected site. They ensure that your property is free from bacteria, virus or fungus that may be caused by a traumatic incident.
  • Rule Of Law
    Crime scenes are subject to legal implications as there is a crime involved. Car accidents are also included in it. In such cases, it is wise to involve the police and have permission from there to clean up. Crime scene cleaners are certified for the task and have ample knowledge and experience about the protocols set by government and law institutions. Failing to comply with the regulations may raise legal concerns which you should avoid at all cost. Therefore, calling a professional crime scene cleaner is the best thing to do.

Are You Looking For Crime Scene Cleaners In UK?

If you are looking for specialist trauma and crime scene cleaners in the UK, then Rainbow International can deal with your need anytime, anywhere. Rainbow International has a network of over 70 branches spread across the UK to provide specialist cleaning and restoration services. We hold a reputable position among trauma cleanup companies for below reasons:

  • 24/7 Emergency Support

Crime or trauma incidents can happen anytime. This is why we have 24/7 support staff dedicated to providing you response whenever you call.

  • Fast Dispatch

Every trauma or crime incident is of urgent nature. The more time is wasted in commencing the cleaning work will inflict more damage on your property. As soon as you report the incident to us, we dispatch a team of specialist that is nearest to your home. Our team can be on site within just a few hours.

  • Certified and Accredited

Rainbow International are specialists at the job they do. We have accreditations and memberships of several industrial bodies in the cleaning and restoration sector. We provide highly professional training in crime scene cleanups from the most reputable institutes.

  • Specialist Crime Scene Cleaners

We pursue the highest possible level of service in the works we undertake. This is what differentiates us from our competition. We consider all aspects of cleaning to ensure a satisfactory service to our clients.

Total Incident Management

With Rainbow International, you get a wide variety of trauma, bio-hazard, chemical & crime scene cleaning services. We have decades of experience in handling urgent and sensitive situations with extreme professionalism.

  • Discreet Cleaning Service
  • Crime and Trauma Decontamination and Cleaning
  • Bio-hazard Cleaning
  • Ozone treatments for sterilising materials
  • Needle and sharps Removal
  • Animal Fouling Cleaning
  • Faecal Matter Removal

Have any queries about crime scene cleaning services? Feel free to get in touch with us. Our dedicated staff can assist you. Call us now on 01375 847 522 or drop us your queries on our online contact form.

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